11:00 am – The Art of Home Bacon Making
Chef Robert Davidson will be demonstrating the art of home bacon making. He will show us which cuts of meats to use, discuss meat/fat proportions, and talk about other ingredients options. We will learn which tools to use. Chef Davidson will demonstrate the making of bacon from start to finish and, of course, will have samples on hand at the end of the demonstration.

1:00 pm – Canning and Preserving Techniques
Henry McDonald, chef and teacher from the Culinary School of Edward County, demonstrates his modern approach to the traditional art of canning and preserving. He will show you how to preserve lemons, make your own BBQ sauce and demonstrate basic canning techniques. You will get to sample some great preserves and take home recipes.

2:00 pm – Fall Gardening
Join local organic food guru Olivia Brown from Olivia’s Veggies to learn how to lengthen the growing season, and maximize diversity in your garden. Discover how to have produce even after frost, and save your seeds for next years season.

3:00 pm – Say Cheese
The Cow may be the queen of cheese popularity in Canada but goat and sheep cheeses are quickly gaining ground. Join cheesemaker Tiffany Lafontaine to learn about what makes each milk unique for cheesemaking and taste how each species’ milk evolves into different cheeses.

4:00 pm – Wines for the holidays
What wine to serve with your turkey? It’s a frequently asked question just before Thanksgiving. Join sommelier Robin Dubois for a tasty session that introduces you to 4 Prince Edward County wines of different varieties and styles that pair well with the holiday feast.